Landscapes, people and stories

Todmorden Book Festival celebrates the written word, with book-related events that stimulate, inspire and challenge audiences.  The programme focuses on the work of new and established writers from across the region and the UK, as well as the work of international authors, with fiction, non-fiction and poetry events for adults and children, reflecting the rich industrial and cultural heritage of the region and exploring individual and collective stories.

Andrew McMillan - Photo by Adrian Pope

Welcome from the Festival’s Patron.

If the greatest and hardest thing to do in culture is to get a new festival off the ground and up and running, then the second hardest thing has to be making that festival viable and successful so that it can keep returning. After last year’s stellar debut Festival, the organisers have triumphed again with a second page of this bright new offering for Todmorden. The memories of last year still linger, that brilliant evening of Skaldic poetry in the Unitarian Church, the sold-out events in the Hippodrome Theatre. Todmorden Book Festival 2018 was a statement of intent, a diverse and innovative programme of events which drew in large audiences from around the region.


This year, we continue to grow, the pages continue to turn, the imagination and reach continues to expand. We have our new Poet Laureate, and others who will be candidates for that job in the future. We have an eye to history, both local and global, we’re thinking about the Holocaust and the poetry that emerged from it, about gender and class, and about what it means to be a writer and a reader. So welcome back if you were with us last year, or if this is your first time, welcome!


Pull up a chair, we hope your mind will dig deep into the valleys of what’s possible, what could only be dreamed of and what hasn’t been thought of yet.