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Paper Cuts with Pippa Dyrlaga

The free exhibition at Platform One Gallery, Todmorden Station for the 2018 Festival showcased the work of paper cutting artist Pippa Dyrlaga, who uses traditional techniques to create contemporary artworks. The exhibition featured the series Forgotten Moments of Someone Else’s Past using original photographs from the albums of unknown families.

Pippa Dyrlaga is a paper cutting artist and printmaker based in Hebden Bridge. She uses traditional techniques to create contemporary artworks, and her work is inspired by the natural world and the things she encounters around her. Pippa’s paper cut works are first drawn out by hand on the reverse of the paper and then cut from a single sheet of paper using a scalpel. Pippa has a degree in Contemporary Art Practice from Leeds Metropolitan University and completed an MA in Art and Design and Curation in 2011.

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