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Todmordenalia a Poem by Spoke-n-Word

The poem created by Spoke-n-Word poet Winston Plowes, inventor of the world’s first Poetry Generating Bicycle and visitors to Todmorden Market on Saturday 2 November, who were asked to ‘spin the wheel’ and select words at random, in order to create the Festival’s very own poem, Todmordenalia.

To the Lemon Lager drinkers,
and the five O’clock beachers
the laughers and annoyers
in the happy fields of rain.

To the lucky ticket holders
travelling on trains
the players in a rhythm
of there and back again.

The rain-dogs and listeners
to pitter-patter paws
and joyful circus audiences
givers of applause –

This is your Todmorden.

To all the computer wizards
the loving laptop sharers
from budding engineers
and the families of carers.

To costumed sleepers
warm and hirsute
dreaming in their birthday suits
and the gifters and the grafters
the rose bouquet givers
of a pink and perfect summer.

From the dancers and rain charmers
just chillin’ in Siberia
the Maldives and Bahamas –

This is your Todmorden

To the afternoon freestylers
and the first date diners
to the unicorn deniers
messers up and dreamers
guitarists and drummers
sandal wearing wanderers
the one of a kind.

To the sun up park run blisterers
the shouters and the whisperers
the sledgers and the sisterhood
where it’s always warm inside.

From the hopeful kiss blaggers
to the magic bag draggers
from the dinosaur tamers
to the penalty princesses
just put up your umbrellas
and smile for us again



Contributors –
Alison – London | Anon | Basil – T | Claire – T | Elizabeth Dobson – T | Ella – T | Emma Ingham – Hebden | Eric – Bolton | Janine – T | Joey & Jamie – T | John – T | June & John – T | Justine – South Shields | Marion Oxley – Walsden | Mary – Littleborough | Mike Hanson – Denton | Neil – Cheshire | NM Brougham – T | Sandra – T | Toby – Accrington | Vicky King – Littleborough | Violet & Alban – T | W – Mytholmroyd | Wolf – T
(T = Todmorden)

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