‘Covid-19-proof’ event or performance ideas!

Do you have an idea for a ‘Covid-19-proof’ event or performance that uses creative writing?


Todmorden Wednesday Writers are looking for your ideas for small events to be part of Todmorden Book Festival 2020 (6-14 November). Events could take place entirely online, or they could happen in Todmorden but involve no or minimal physical contact between people. The Festival will include you in the programme, publicise and promote you and your event, and can host the work on the Festival website if required.

You can propose an idea that you can manage technically yourself and that you already have equipment for or, as the Festival is seeking funding to enable more ambitious ideas, you could propose something that you know you will need technical support or extra equipment for. If funding bids are unsuccessful, we will have to turn down ideas like this, but if funding is available, you will be able to digitally upskill or try a riskier new idea. You can propose more than one idea to cover both eventualities!

We are interested in anything connected with books, reading, and creative writing. So, online poetry performance and storytelling! Crowdsourced artworks using the written or spoken word! Writing sessions making imaginative use of digital platforms! Non-digital work that engages people by letter or phone! Surprise us …

We are especially interested in events that are participatory and/or that might engage new audiences with the Festival. And we actively welcome submissions from people under-represented in the world of creative writing – so that includes working-class people, BAME people, LGBTQ+ people, people aged under 25 and over 60, people with disabilities, people with chronic illnesses, neuroatypical people, and people on benefits or low incomes.

To apply, download and complete the form and email it to todwedwriters@outlook.com by midnight on Friday 31 July 2020.

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