Wednesday 21 November, 2.00pm, Todmorden Hippodrome

How to Read the English Landscape


Author and journalist Andrew Bibby will discuss his latest book Back Roads through Middle England. 


Wednesday 21 November 2.00pm | Hippodrome Theatre Foyer


Back Roads Through Middle England: From Dorset to the Humber along the Jurassic stone belt, which was published in 2017, focuses on the Jurassic limestone landscapes of southern and central England. Andrew Bibby cycled from Dorset through the Cotswolds and Northamptonshire to the Humber along the ‘great stone belt’, and his book draws on themes as varied as social history, literature, land usage, agriculture and rural life today to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that shape the land.

Andrew Bibby has written widely on the English landscape and is the author of The Backbone of England: Landscape and Life on the Pennine Watershed, based on a journey he made on foot along the Pennine watershed that explores the different ways in which humans interact with the high Pennine moorlands. He is the founding chair of Walkers are Welcome.



Tickets £5