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Saturday 9 November 2019, 2.00pm, St Mary's Church

The Gendered Brain



With acclaimed neuroscientist and author Gina Rippon



Saturday 9 November 2019 | 2pm | St Mary’s Church



The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain shows how we arrived at the idea of an inferior, female brain and how cutting-edge breakthroughs in neuroscience can liberate us from this outdated understanding of what our brains can do. Gina Rippon asserts that gender identities are shaped by society and challenges the myth that there is a hardwired distinction between male and female brains in a powerful argument with huge repercussions for the gender debate, for education, for parenting and for how we identify ourselves.


Professor Gina Rippon is an international researcher in cognitive neuroscience based at the Aston Brain Centre at Aston University in Birmingham.



Tickets £5